Monday, July 28, 2008

See You At The Competition, Hope You Lose

From what I was reading on the blogs, I figured this show would be filled to the brim with Jesse. Luckily enough it wasn't, but I had to hear far more Keesha than I ever wanted to. Her shrill voice and her slight twang make my ears hurt. But don't worry Jesse fans, I'm certain that tomorrow is actually going to be the Jesse show. Hold on to your caps for that one. But for now, all my hatred is directed toward the hens, but mostly Kessha.

-Jerry saying "suck it bitches" sounded really, really funny. I'm not surprised that Michelle took it so personally, after all she has to include herself in everything in one way or another. But it was clearly a joke. Lighten up.

-I think Dan is giving himself way too much credit. He somehow managed to stay out of the way this week, mainly because Keesha has some kind of unabashed hatred toward Angie. As much as it may seem to Dan that his ploy is working better than he could have imagined, I'm pretty sure the ghost of Brian will get him next week. Because, as I've said before, these people can't seem to get over it. And they also seem to want to get rid of the floaters, so making himself look utterly useless isn't helping his cause. And he's using this weak player garbage as a huge crutch. Now every time he loses a competition, he's going to chalk it up as incredible strategy and game play. Give me a break. You're shitty at the comps. Deal with it. Find another way to make moves.

-Keesha was complaining about how she couldn't even vote for Steven to stay, because otherwise their would be a huge target on her. I don't understand why one pitty vote to a friend of yours automatically makes you public enemy number one. What ever happened to 4-3 votes, or 5-2, etc. Now it seems like everyone in the house MUST vote the exact same way, or else they are gone next week. I can't wait for this "Ultimate 8 Alliance" to completely self destruct. That will be fun to watch.

-Keesha made a comment about how Dan is a really big threat to their 8 person alliance. What? You really think that one person is going to be able to take down all 8 of you? The math doesn't even make sense. At most he'd be able to take one person out, before being put up and evicted the next week. This entire house alliance is so paranoid that everyone is out to get them, it's unreal. Actually I take that back. It's just Libra/Keesha/Ollie/April who are the paranoid ones. I don't even know if the rest of the house knows they're in an alliance with them anymore.

-Keesha came up with a lot of excuses as to who she was going to nominate, and why. I have no idea how she reasons that Angie was the sole reason Steven got evicted. What did she let him take the fall for? Being friends with Brian? Neither Angie nor Steven had anything to do with Steven going home really. It's still that ridiculous Brian kick everyone is on.
She also stated numerous times that Angie did nothing to help Steven stay, and she left the whole thing on Keesha's shoulders. A couple things, one, do you not remember the one time Angie campainged to keep a friend in the house? Keesha sold her out on that one, and she's still paying for it. Why would she want to put herself out there even more? And two, Keesha did jack shit other than telling Libra and April how much she likes Steven and how Dan is somehow more of a threat. She didn't even vote for him to stay. She clearly couldn't come up with a strategic reason as to why Angie is a huge threat to her at this point in the game, and she was trying to cover up what is obviously a personal, and spiteful nomination.

-It always makes me laugh when HOH's claim they're going to "change the game" or "turn the house upside down!" You know that shit never comes to fruition. Especially when you're in an 8 person alliance. All those 8 people know more or less what you are going to do, since they were the ones making the suggestions. The only way Keesha would have been able to turn the house "upside down" is by somehow nominating herself and Brian for eviction. That sure as shit would have shocked the house. Nominating Angie, who you openly hate, and Jesse, who everyone but Jesse openly hates shouldn't come as a huge blow or surprise to anyone. The majority is going to be cool with shit like that.

-I can't stand how cocky Libra is getting. Sure she's paranoid that everyone, including herself, is out to get her, but her horse just keeps getting higher and higher as the weeks go by and she pulls the strings. I can't believe they've let her slide for 2 weeks, when over half the house was openly campaigning for her to go.

-Staying with Libra, I really liked when she was talking to Keesha, and she told her that if Keesha watches out for her this week, that she'll have Keesha's back next week. Well no shit. I thought you guys were in an alliance together. Doesn't that mean you should automatically have each others back, no questions asked? Maybe Libra knows Keesha is on to her, and she's trying to save face. Am I giving her too much credit? Probably.

-I noticed this episode, more than any other, how fake April is. She turns her charm on when she can use it to her advantage and you can see right through that shit. Every time she was up in the HOH she spent the whole time complimenting Keesha and stroking her ego. Ugh. Please just vote her out already. She's more and more useless every day.

-Renny is a lot smarter than I think we all give her credit for. She's learned to stay in the background, but pop up and talk to people when the time is right. She'll never win a competition, but if someone is dumb enough to take her to the final 2 with them, then she is pretty much a shoe in. Her and Memphis are my top picks right now.

-I like Memphis more and more with each episode. He had the smartest quote of the season so far when he told Keesha "There's a lot of people that are threats to a lot of people at this point." Fucking thank you. Keesha's thinly vailed attempt to not look spiteful towards Angie completely missed the mark with Memphis. He seems like one of the only people in this game that ever uses logic and common sense. Upon first glance, or should I say first meet the house guests, I had an unwarranted disgust for this guy. But now, I want him to toss 500,000 dollars in the back of the Camaro and ride off into the sunset.

-And speaking of his Camaro, there is no fucking way that car is worth $50,000. April has no idea what she's talking about. At most I'd say $35,000. In the same breath April muttered this idocracy, she also talked about how much America would love Keesha if she booted out Memphis, who I guess in their minds is a huge scumbag for winning a prize. It's always really funny how out of touch the HG's are with America. I'm pretty sure everyone wants Libra and Jesse out. She also complained how unfair it would be if Memphis won the prize money and a car. Why is that unfair? He played the game better than all of you and won shit. That's how games work. That's like telling the New York Giants they can't play for the Super Bowl next season, because they already won it. She gave me terrible Sheila flashbacks, talking about how it's unfair when you win shit and no one else does. Fuck off.

-I do have to give very small props to Libra. She covered her ass pretty well when Keesha confronted her about all the shit talking. Instead of getting all defensive like I'm sure we all thought she would, she deflected it by bringing up Steven, which made Keesha instantly forget what they were talking about. I hate to say it, but Libra has a legitimate shot at winning this whole thing if she can keep her shit flinging and tantrums to a minimum.

-April LOVES the 60's, when clearly it was a 50's themed food competition.

-Ollie and April were hilarious in their inability to communicate. And Renny was god damn useless. It must have been so easy for Dan to play the shitty competitor role with her as his partner.

-I can live without any and all of the Ollie/April relationship bullshit they stuck in there. It went on for far too long, and it added nothing to show. We know they're fucking. We can move on now, thanks.

-Surprisingly Jesse made really good points to Keesha when he was talking about the nominations. He laid everything out on the table in a way that even Keesha could comprehend. There is only a few problems with that though. Jesse comes across way too strong. He makes a point, and then continues to repeat the same shit over and over and over again, until it seems like he's bullying the house guest he's talking to. And the fact that Keesha is playing purely on emotion, and never once took her sights off Angie didn't help anything. But at least Jesse tried. I will give him that.

-Every year we always get that one HOH that bitches and moans about how hard it is to make these nominations. Keesha was almost in tears when she was explaining herself. I don't understand why. You know coming into the game that his has to happen every single week, and at some point or another, everyone is going to be nominated. They know it's coming. You know it's coming. Why is it so hard to say "nothing personal, but with you in the house, I don't think I can win this game". Stop making it so personal.

-While Keesha was explaining why she nominated Jesse and Angie, once again Brian came up. I am willing to put money on the fact that Brian will be brought up in one way or another as to why the final 2 did/did not win the money. Brian is automatically the best player in BB history. He has had more impact on the house without even being in it, than any other player.

-And lastly Jesse has my vote for quote of the season when he came up with this gem "See you at the competition, hope you lose". We all knew he was as sore loser, but wow. I remember reading some pre interview with the house guests and Jesse said something along the lines of "I'm going to try and win everyone over with my personality and my humor, rather than my strength." Well what the fuck happened to that? If Jesse has a good personality and any remnants of a sense of humor I would hate to fucking see his family, or the boys he rolls with. I can't even imagine any scenario where Jesse intentionally makes people laugh, or enjoy being in his company.

I know that tomorrows episode is going to be my favorite all season, because we'll get to hear Jesse bitch and moan for a full 45 minutes. Thank god I don't watch the feeds.


Jen said...

Just checking out your blog! I got the address from your comment on BB10gossip! You've written a lot and honestly haven't read it all yet, I will but right now I am watching BBAD. So when Jessie comes on and starts babbling, I'll read it then!!LOl!!

bish said...

Well thanks for checking it out. And like I said before, I'm glad I don't watch the feeds or get Showtime, because Jesse would make me go absolutely insane.

Sydney said...

You DO have a lot to say on the subject! I can hardly get it up to watch much of it this year, maybe a hangover from the last two seasons.... don't know if you were a fan of ED but I remember your comments from last season (winter).

I don't get feeds either but I spent enormous time on Jokers, BB10gossip, Hmasters etc.... Showtime tanked for me somewhere midway thru last season, and I haven't bothered with this group yet.

bish said...

I was on and off with Dick, but for the most part I really enjoyed his shtick. The personal attacks got a little out of hand but all the other shit he stirred up was really fun to watch.
And you're on to something. It totally feels like there has been too much BB in the last year and a bit for me to really get excited about seeing yet another one.