Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Episode 5 AKA Michelle The Big Portugese Idiot

A little more drama in this episode than the last few, which always makes things interesting. Michelle, Libra and Jessie make me want to poke my eyes out. But still, this season is shaping up to be way better than season 9.

-Why does Jessie use air quotes all the god damn time. I'm "the youngest person" in the house. There is no time where air quotes actually make sense in that sentence, unless he's really not the youngest person in the house, and everyone for whatever reason assumes he is. That's the only way air quotes would work.

-Jessie claims he's not a target? What? Did I miss something? He's a big dumb baffoon who loves himself to pieces, and who has won power of veto and HOH back to back. There should be at least 9 targets on him at all times. Idiot.

-I think Dan, as dumb as his strategy looks, is playing it pretty smart. He's making himself look weak and out of the loop, which going by what we've seen so far with these houses guests is a great strategy. He's got an in with Jessie, which also gives him an in with Memphis and Angie. As long as he doesn't become Jessie's whipping boy, he should last at least 3 or 4 more weeks. I'm also glad that Dan has not once brought some kind of religious propoganda into anything he's said or done really. I was so worried that he was going to be a male version of BB9 Natalie.

-Michelle told Jessie she expected a showmance? Lets be real here. She looks like a god damn muppet. If she considers herself to be an 8 or 9 I'd really hate to see the other chicks from Rhode Island. Sheesh.

-I think Memphis is my favorite right now. He was smart in alliging with Jessie, as he is the strongest physical threat. I don't know if Jessie has ever mentioned that but I think I'm onto something here. I hate Jessie and Michelle, but I doubt they will turn on him unless he does something drastic. And he made an incredibly smart move by bring Angie into it. He nailed it right on the head when he told her she was a smart, sensible player who has her game face on. Dude also seems very level headed, and is the voice of reason for Jessie and Michelle. He doesn't play by emotions, because as he said in a previous episode he was born without them, so I would be incredibly surprised if he doesn't make it to at least the final 5. Unless someone figures him out and sees how strong he really is. But looking at the people he's not aligned with, this is very unlikely.

-I've started to change my mind on Renny a bit. She's still an old kook who dresses ridiculous and makes no sense what so ever when she talks, but I'm so glad she toned her shit down. She seems way less annoying now than on the first couple days. I also like the fact that she likes to stir the pot and just sit back and watch everyone fight everyone else. Granted that's going to backfire on her incredibly badly (i.e LIBRA), but it's fun to watch.

-I see why alliances work for a small amount of time, but I've never understood why people are so surprised/shocked/hurt when people in said alliances think outside the box, and do what's better for them individually. Last time I checked this is not a team game, so if you're basing your entire strategy on the way your 4 or 5 person alliance says how things should go, you might as well just pack your shit because the team mentality never works.

-I'm pretty sure Keesha has dug herself into a hole that she can't get back out of. April(and Ollie by association), Libra, and Michelle don't like her now because of her friendship with Steven. She doesn't bring anything to an alliance other than a vote, so I can't see the Memphis/Angie alliance taking her in. She's not the friendliest or most level headed person in the house, so I'm not sure if she's going to make a bond with anyone now that Steven is gone. It looks like she's secluded herself on a pretty lonely island for the time being. What a waste of a spot in the game.

-I really love Jerry. He tells it like it is and doesn't hold back. I think the entire house is severly underestimating Jerry. He's never going to win a physical competition, but I think he has a really good idea on how to turn people against each other, and use that to his advantage. The Memphis/Angie(I'm refusing to include Jessie or Michelle because they're just going to be used by those Memphis to make it far in the game) alliance should include Jerry in some of their plans. Don't directly take him in and tell him everything because shit would end up leaking out. But get him to vote with you, nominate in your favor, use the veto, etc.

-Michelle is just plain retarded. Steven came up to her in the HOH and explained to her a pretty foolproof plan with using the veto, and getting Libra out of the house. It was a no risk situation. You take either Steven or Dan down, Jessie puts Libra up. Libra gets votes from April and Ollie, and the rest of the house boots her out. Now the house is happy since there is a lot less shit flinging. You can now use Dan AND Steven to your advantage. And the only people that would look for retribution for Libra departing are Ollie/April. April isn't going to win HOH and all Ollie wants to do is fuck. They aren't even playing the game. But she clearly has no sense of strategy or logic. And now instead of having a strong ally in Steven, you now still have a huge threat in Libra who is going to continue to annoy everyone and turn everyone against each other. I have no fucking idea what she was thinking. And I have no idea how Libra managed to cast some kind of shadow over the entire house, making them think that everyone who ever talked to Brian is either some kind of incredibly strong player, or has a vendetta to vote every other person out of the house in some kind of post Brian fit of revenge.

Live eviction tonight. Sad to see Steven go this early. He had potential. He was also the first gay guy on BB in recent memory that wasn't incredibly flamboyant and annoying. I pray that anyone but Libra/Angie/Ollie win HOH. I'll include Keesha in that grouping too, because she has no idea what she's doing, which makes her incredibly unpredictable. I'll probably have another post on here tonight after the eviction. Unless I get stoned and forget.

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