Monday, July 21, 2008

Let The Tools Reign Down

While watching Sunday's episode, here are just a few thoughts that popped into my brain.

-Steven had it completely correct when he called Jessie a tool numerous times. "Everyone thinks I'm just a gigantic mass of useless show muscle, but I beat everyone in chess, therefore, I smarter". Gripping argument. You're so good at a game of strategy, yet, you completely miss Dan's none too subtle attempt to talk to you alone. Dan might as well have been waving a sign directly in front of Jessie saying "LETS GO TALK GAME IN YOUR ROOM ALONE, NOT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE." Even then, he probably still would have missed it. And how dare Steven shit on Jessie's face like that by not coming up to see the exact same room he saw last week, sans the pictures of Jerry. The nerve of some people. I could probably dedicate an entire post to how much of an asshat Jessie is, just in this episode alone. But I will certainly be glad when he gets ridden through the game, and then tossed aside without hesitation come final 3. Or if he gets voted out next week. Either way.

-I like Keesha a lot more after this episode. Other than the fact that she's one of those insane animal people, pretty much everything she said this episode was on point. She needs to stop calling April a Barbie bitch though, considering their look is almost identical.

-Jessie's French accent sounded like a terrible Water Boy impression.

-As much as I'm not a Renny fan, I'm pretty sure she's done just as good, if not better in competitions than Libra has, so again, pot calling kettle black. I wish Jessie would push her through one of the walls or something. I also can't wait till Libra and April scratch each others eyes out. Gotta love slop.

-I like the Steven, Dan, Angie alliance more and more everyday. It will be so shitty to see Steven go this early. Memphis needs to switch sides post haste, and they need to recruit Renny and Jerry. If they can win a few in a row then hopefully we'll be rid of Jessie, Libra and April in no time.

-I thought Dan was kind of a douche for the first little bit, but he's a lot more solid than I gave him credit for. If he can make some smart moves and team up with the right people at the right time, I can see him going very far.

- I had such high hopes for Ollie at the beginning and thought he was going to silently tear through the game. Boy was I wrong. What a pussy whipped bitch. All he cares about is appeasing April, and we all know how well that works out for everyone involved. Jerry said it best when he said they're just here to fuck.

-I can't believe no one sees how Libra is doing the exact same thing Brian was doing last week. She's going about it a little smarter, and only working on people on her team, but it's essentially the same thing. She's either going to use them all as her little puppets and go incredibly far in the game, or, if I could have my way, they'll all turn on her in the coming weeks, nay, days and vote her constantly complaining about everything ass out of there.

-And speaking of Brian, how the hell did he manage to divide the house so incredibly against each other. I mean yeah he played way too hard, way too fast and he was definetly the obvious choice to vote out, but come on. He seemed like a nice guy on a personal level. Why all of a sudden are his friends being treated like they have leprosy? It's been one god damn week. The door was just barely locked before this huge divide happened. The self righteous people definetly should have looked at that alliance as more of an oppurtunity than anything. The ring leader is gone, and they know his friends have loyalty, why not use that to your advantage and get them to join with you?

Ta ta till Tuesday.


Sydney said...

OK, this pic and the one of Jessie below added to Rennies above ...if you don't have the feeds, how do you get such hilarious ones????

bish said...

surprisingly enough they all come from the CBS website. They have a lot of really unflattering screen captures.